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History starts now.

What kind of world do you want?

3 December 1988
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My name is Mel. I'm 20, from southern California, and an currently a journalism student. I am an atheist, pro-choice, pro gay rights, and childfree.
- American Idol*
- Bandslash*
- I Dream of Jeannie
- Interview with a Vampire
- Lord of the Rings
- Night at the Museum*
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Popslash*
- Queer as Folk
- Star Trek
- Starsky & Hutch
- Will & Grace*
- Xena: Warrior Princess

*Both write/read these fandoms.
- The Academy Is...
- Avenged Sevenfold
- Britney Spears
- Cobra Starship
- Disturbed
- Fall Out Boy
- Gym Class Heroes
- Hinder
- The Hush Sound
- Lady Gaga
- Madonna
- My Chemical Romance
- Nickelback
- Panic at the Disco
- Blues Brothers
- Interview with a Vampire
- Jurassic Park
- Lord of the Rings
- Mr. and Mrs. Smith
- Night at the Museum
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Smokey and the Bandit
- Starsky & Hutch
- Sweeney Todd
Want to be friends?

Just drop me a message here to let me know who you are. I usually add everyone, but if we have absolutely nothing in common, I may re-think that.

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